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murrine by ercole moretti in murano © 2017 When in Venice. All rights reserved.

Murano Glass: One Island, Many Crafts

When you speak about “Murano Glass” you are actually referring to a wide variety of products: everything from micro-beads to huge chandeliers. In 1291 the Venetian government made an important decision regarding glass production: all glass furnaces in the city … Continue reading

Saint Mark's lion and doge Foscari on the gate of the Doge's Palace © 2017 When in Venice. All rights reserved.

The Venetian Lion Explained

When visiting Venice, it is hard not to notice the many lions adorning the doors and facades of the buildings, especially around Saint Mark’s Square. Let’s take a closer look at this symbol of Venice to discover some of the … Continue reading

the burial in saint Mark's basilica in Venice containing the heart of doge Erizzo © 2017 When in Venice. All rights reserved.

The Heart of a Doge in Saint Mark’s Basilica

The history of Venice and its Republic can’t be understood without discussing the figure of the doge, its most important public figure. The doge was strictly chosen among the members of the noble class, and elected by the Maggior Consiglio … Continue reading

Campo de Gheto Novo in Venice © 2017 When in Venice. All rights reserved.

The synagogues in the Jewish Ghetto of Venice

2016 was an important year for the Jewish community of Venice: it marked the 5th centenary of the ghetto of the city, established on the 29th of March, 1516. Exhibitions, symposiums and scholarly books and articles accompanied the commemorations, as … Continue reading

fresco by Michelangelo Morlaiter and Francesco Zanchi on the staircase of Palazzo Grassi in Venice © 2016 When in Venice. All rights reserved.

Coffee in Venice

When you sip a cup of coffee in Venice, you are drinking in the very history of this beverage. No matter whether you are seated in one of the luxury cafés in Saint Mark’s Square or standing at the counter … Continue reading

Venice, Bellini, home made, recipe, sunset, aperitif, summer, peach, cocktail © 2016 When in Venice. All rights reserved.

Let’s celebrate (with a) Bellini!

“Very old, but still the best in painting”: with these words, the German artist Albrecht Durer praised his Venetian colleague Giovanni Bellini in 1506. Bellini would die ten years later, around the age of 85, on the 29th of November … Continue reading

Wisteria blossoming on a colored house in Burano, Venetian lagoon © 2016 When in Venice. All rights reserved.

The true colors of Burano

The first eye-catching sight in Burano is the variety of colors used to decorate its houses: it’s as if a schizophrenic painter dropped random bucketfuls of paint, with all possible hues and variations, over the buildings. There’s only one vaporetto … Continue reading