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Contemporary Architecture in Venice

For most visitors, a trip to Venice is an immersion in history: every corner of the city seems to have remained unchanged for centuries, like it’s caught in a magic spell. Yet, the city that hosts the Architecture Biennale is … Continue reading

Campo de Gheto Novo in Venice © 2017 When in Venice. All rights reserved.

The synagogues in the Jewish Ghetto of Venice

2016 was an important year for the Jewish community of Venice: it marked the 5th centenary of the ghetto of the city, established on the 29th of March, 1516. Exhibitions, symposiums and scholarly books and articles accompanied the commemorations, as … Continue reading

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The true colors of Burano

The first eye-catching sight in Burano is the variety of colors used to decorate its houses: it’s as if a schizophrenic painter dropped random bucketfuls of paint, with all possible hues and variations, over the buildings. There’s only one vaporetto … Continue reading