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Pride and Prejudice: Foreign communities in Venice

Venice has always been a cosmopolitan city, but how did foreigners live in the Serenissima?
We propose two itineraries in two different parts of the city:
– The Jewish Ghetto: walking in this neighborhood in Cannaregio we will focus on the Venetian Jewish community, but we will also talk about the Muslim presence and other nationalities.
– Armenians, Greeks and Slavs: these communities were all based around San Marco, and in one of their scuole we can still admire a cycle of paintings by 15th century master Carpaccio.

Additional costs: Entrance to scuola Dalmata (€ 3), visit of the synagogues (€ 10).
Notes: The Jewish synagogues are only accessible on a group tour led by the staff of the Jewish museum and starting at fixed hours.

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